Biden’s 2024 Bid Tainted by New Corruption Allegations

 / Go to the mediabankUS President Joe Biden / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaThe US mainstream press, Department of Justice, and intelligence community have turned a blind eye to President Joe Biden’s apparent nepotism and possible violations of fundraising rules in a bid to keep him in the Oval Office for an extra four years, according to Ted Harvey, US political commentator and former Colorado state senator.President Joe Biden kicked off his presidential campaign earlier this week and immediately went on the warpath with an unusually long 90-second ad worth over $250,000 just 24 hours after making his candidacy official with an online video. As per Ted Harvey, former Colorado state senator and chair of the Committee to Defeat the President, an anti-Biden super PAC, one might wonder where the money for Biden’s ads came from, given that the incumbent became eligible to fundraise on April 25.

"Where did he come up with this money," Harvey told Sputnik. "My PAC has been hounding the Federal Election Commission (FEC) demanding that they look into the Biden campaign fundraising efforts, which is a complete violation of federal election law for them to be raising money for the campaign when he hasn't announced his candidacy. And now here he is running for office and he has all of this money. They can't be raising money for his campaign, whether it's his, quote, super PAC or his campaign unless he is an announced candidate. And the FEC has done nothing about all of our complaints and they've just let him continue on. You know, there's a reason why Trump announced when he announced so that he could start raising money and Biden has been raising money in violation of federal election law."

AnalysisDems Going to ‘Cheat’ to Keep Biden in White House in 2024Yesterday, 15:29 GMTAccording to OpenSecrets, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, that tracks data on campaign finance and lobbying, the Biden campaign and joint fundraising committee, Biden Victory Fund, currently have over $2.2 million cash on hand. However, total fundraising and pro-Biden outside spending could amount to over $2 billion, according to some members of the Democratic Party, as cited by The Washington Post. In 2020, the Biden campaign reportedly spent over $1 billion, with Big Tech and “dark money” groups playing the first fiddle in the effort to bring Joe to the Oval Office. “Dark money” contributions to Biden’s 2020 bid reportedly reached $174 million. But that is not all. The US Department of Justice and intelligence community also played into Biden’s hand at the time.

"The fact that the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop since 2019 and did nothing to investigate the Biden family when they knew for a fact that the information on Hunter Biden's laptop was legitimate. The FBI was doing everything they could to interfere in the 2020 election to make sure that Trump lost and that they could put in their chosen candidate (…) And, you know, that doesn't bother me as much as it does the 51 former intelligence officers who signed a letter [saying that Hunter Biden's laptop was a Russian disinformation operation] (…) But the fact that you had 51 top intelligence officers interfere in a US election and knowingly lie to the American people and push their propaganda to bring down an elected president of the United States going into the 2020 election. There needs to be consequences for that. You know, all of them have national security clearances. And even though they're in the private sector, they no longer continue to work for the federal government. Every single one of them should have their national security clearance revoked and they should pay the consequences for lying to the American people."

AmericasHunter Biden’s Legal Team Meets With DoJ Officials Amid Criminal Probe26 April, 23:51 GMTMeanwhile, Oversight Chair James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, stated on Monday that a staggering 12 Biden family members benefitted from influence peddling by the president and his son, Hunter. According to Comer, the “entire Biden family” has been entrapped in this financial scheme. Republican lawmakers have intensified their investigations into the Biden family, having taken the majority in the House in the wake of the 2022 midterms. At the same time, Attorney General Merrick Garland came under attack from an IRS whistleblower’s attorney alleging a cover-up in the Hunter Biden criminal investigation, according to the New York Post. Reportedly, the whistleblower has already informed the inspectors general of the Treasury and Justice Departments about the matter.

"This should not surprise anybody," said Harvey. "In the end, it's going to be up to the Justice Department to move forward with some kind of criminal indictments. And I don't believe that's going to happen with Merrick Garland being the attorney general. So it's going to be left to the American people to hold their elected officials accountable (…) This is not news [that at least 12 members of Biden's family were involved in influence peddling schemes]. We've known this since the Hunter Biden laptop came to the attention of the New York Post. They've been telling everybody all of the information about all of the money that's been going through the Biden family coffers. And the media has not told anybody about it. Now that the Republicans are in control, they're going to start doing these investigations and they're going to start bringing people in that will be testifying under oath and bringing it to the American people about just how deep this scandal is and the extent to which our national security has been compromised because of it."

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