China Creating Cyberweapons Able to Seize Control of Enemy Satellites – Reports

Earth, SunInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – China is building high-tech cyberweapons to “seize control” of enemy satellites and make them unusable for data transmission and surveillance, including during critical moments of fighting, media reported on Friday, citing the leaked Pentagon documents. The report said that China’s intention to develop such technologies was a key part of Beijing’s target to control data transmission. The cyberweapons may allegedly imitate signals, which the enemy satellites receive from their operators, and gain full control over the satellites or cause operation failures in critical moments of fighting, according to the newspaper. US Hacking Charges, Sharing Cyberweapons With NATO Inflame Danger of ‘Real War’5 October 2018, 00:10 GMTEarlier in April, media reported that China would launch 12,992 satellites into orbit to rival SpaceX’s Starlink constellation amid calls from the military community to speed up the creation of a national network. Beijing’s fears were reportedly fueled in December 2022 when SpaceX said it would launch a project called Starshield, which would cater to national security needs. Chinese military researchers said it would be tantamount to install networked surveillance cameras around the globe. Future ‘Satellite’ Space Race Will See IT Vying for ‘Control of War Zone,’ Scientist Warns12 April, 17:00 GMTIn early April, more than 100 classified US government documents were leaked on social media. The leaked materials have disclosed some of Washington’s highly classified military analysis.


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