Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning Partakes in Pacific Ocean Drills – State Media

Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning conducts air drills in the Philippine SeaInternationalIndiaAfricaBEIJING (Sputnik) – The Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning has taken part in military drills conducted in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, with the exercises aimed at practicing air and anti-submarine defense, the Chinese media reported on Friday. The drills tested the capability of the aircraft carrier group in distant waters, the report said. The training area has not been specified, but the exercises might have taken place in the South China Sea, which surrounds Taiwan. MilitaryChina‚Äôs People’s Liberation Army Starts 3-Day Naval Drills05:12 GMTChina operates two aircraft carriers, with the first being the Liaoning, built on the basis of the unfinished Soviet cruiser Varyag, which Beijing purchased in 1998. The ship conducted its first sea trial in 2011. The second aircraft carrier, the Shandong, was launched in 2017 after a four-year building process and was first tested in 2019. The Fujian, the country’s third aircraft carrier, was launched on June 17, 2022, and it currently being fitted out to prepare for future sea trials.


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