Hungary Strongly Objects to Any Sanctions on Russian Nuclear Energy

A man walks in front of the main entrance of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in Paks, some 90 kms south of Budapest, HungaryHungary Strongly Objects to Any Sanctions on Russian Nuclear EnergyInternationalIndiaAfricaBUDAPEST (Sputnik) – Hungary will not agree even to a partial imposition of sanctions against Russia’s nuclear energy sector, as proposed by the Baltic states, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Monday. Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis proposed last week to gradually impose sanctions against Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom or impose sanctions against Russia in the field of nuclear energy, but give two years to complete contracts, including for the construction of new units of the Paks-2 nuclear power plant in Hungary. Hungary Strongly Objects to Any Sanctions on Russian Nuclear EnergyAnalysisG7 Can’t Replace Russia’s Nuclear Fuel and Expertise20 April, 17:32 GMT”If there were a decision on sanctions in the nuclear sphere, it would mean that the security of the energy supply of one EU member state, Hungary, would become quite concretely impossible in the subsequent period … My colleagues from the Baltic states asked, they say, let’s see if it is possible … to slightly impose sanctions against [Russia’s] nuclear energy – no, you cannot. You cannot [impose] partially,” Szijjarto said, as broadcast on his social media.


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