Hunter Biden’s Attorneys Meet with Justice Department

Hunter Biden's Attorneys Meet with Justice Department

Hunter Biden TaxesHunter Biden's Attorneys Meet with Justice DepartmentInternationalIndiaAfricaIn December 2020, weeks after his father was elected president of the United States and months after the contents of his infamous laptop were exposed to the public, Hunter Biden announced that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware was investigating his “tax affairs.”Lawyers working for Hunter Biden met with Justice Department officials on Wednesday to discuss the yearslong criminal investigation into the president’s son.Hunter Biden’s long-time lawyer Chris Clark and several other attorneys were seen entering the Justice Department headquarters on Wednesday; however, Clark declined to comment on the matter when contacted by US media.According to sources who spoke to CNN, the meeting also included officials from the Justice Department’s tax division and the Delaware US attorney’s office. The Biden legal team previously called the Justice Department to ask for an update on the investigation.There have been no public developments in the case since prosecutors narrowed down the possible charges last year. Sources cited by US media say prosecutors are considering two misdemeanor failure to file taxes charges, a single felony tax evasion charge and a false statement charge relating to a gun purchase.David Weiss, a Delaware US attorney appointed during the Trump administration, has been overseeing the investigation. Last week, it was reported some of the FBI agents involved in the case were growing frustrated that prosecutors have yet to file charges. One agent told US media the investigation was completed more than a year ago.Hunter Biden's Attorneys Meet with Justice DepartmentAmericas ‘Growing Frustration’ At FBI Over Failure to Charge Hunter Biden – Report22 April, 00:46 GMTAlso last week, an IRS whistleblower requested immunity through a lawyer so he could speak to Congress about an alleged coverup in the case. The whistleblower also alleges Attorney General Merrick Garland lied to Congress about the Hunter Biden case.


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