Pentagon Uses Ukraine as Testing Ground While Prepping for China Standoff

Pentagon Uses Ukraine as Testing Ground While Prepping for China Standoff

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks speaks during a briefing at the Pentagon in Washington, on Sept. 22, 2021. Pentagon Uses Ukraine as Testing Ground While Prepping for China StandoffInternationalIndiaAfricaWashington has committed more than $35.4 billion to Kiev since February 2022 and exercised the presidential drawdown authority 36 times. That said, the Pentagon is working to “stress test” the systems through which the US military handles classified information to ensure intelligence data is shared carefully and only for operational reasons.Although the United States continues to arm Ukraine, its primary focus will remain vying with Beijing in the Pacific, according to Kathleen Hicks, US deputy secretary of defense. Hicks stated that Washington has a clear strategy focused on Beijing and that there are no platforms or weapons systems that the US has not been able to pursue as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.She suggests that the ongoing hostilities between Russia and Ukraine are providing important lessons for the US in the event of a potential conflict with China. These lessons include the need for a reliable supply chain of ammunition, longer-term contracts with arms suppliers and the importance of innovation in the domain of space.

“We’re not trying to weigh between two theaters. We have a clear strategy that's focused on China,” Hicks said.

In this case, regular assurances by top-level US politicians in supporting Ukraine seem a bit insincere, in light of Hick’s confession that Ukraine is a mere testing ground for new weapon systems and tactics preparing a large scale military conflict with China over Taiwan. Hicks assured that Washington is not trying to balance between these two regions and has a clear strategy oriented towards Beijing.Pentagon Uses Ukraine as Testing Ground While Prepping for China StandoffWorldUS Speed-Up of Arms Supplies to Taiwan Prior to Island’s 2024 Elections Sends Ominous Signal12 April, 14:57 GMTAccording to the interview, the US is experiencing difficulties in producing the necessary amount of weapons and will actively develop its military industry after years of stagnation caused by the end of the Cold War. Over the past year, American weapons manufacturers have been reluctant to significantly expand production lines, but now the US authorities have convinced them that the new arms race is here to stay.


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