US Space Command Chief Says ‘Always Good’ to Have Deconfliction Talks With Russia, China

The “Blue Marble,” the first fully illuminated photo of Earth taken by a human in 1972.InternationalIndiaAfricaCOLORADO SPRINGS (Sputnik) – US Space Command Commander General James Dickinson told Sputnik anytime is a good time to have a conversation about deconfliction with Russia and China, especially given the growing number of objects in space. “Just talking about the volume of objects in space – going from 25,000 to 48,000 – I think anytime we can have a conversation on deconfliction is always good,” Dickinson said, referring to the growth over the past three years in the number of objects Space Command monitors. Dickinson also said information related to what Space Command monitors is posted on an open website. “Whether you call that deconfliction or not, we are presenting that information that we see so that those types of activities can happen,” he said. Dickinson, who spoke to Sputnik on the margins of the 38th annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, went on to say that the United States and Russia have watched both their space programs grow together throughout the years and today are still cooperating.”We actually have a long track record of cooperation with the Russians… we’ve watched both of our space programs grow together over the years.” The US Space Command Commander General said there are cosmonauts and astronauts now on the International Space Station (ISS), and pointed out that American astronauts landed in Kazakhstan, while Russian cosmonauts have launched from Cape Canaveral.”So I think there is cooperation there,” Dickinson said.


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