Video: Russian MoD Releases Footage of Tu-160s Flying Over Neutral Waters of Barents, Norwegian Seas

 / Go to the mediabankRussian Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaRussian long-range aviation pilots regularly perform flights over the neutral waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, Black and Baltic Seas and the Pacific Ocean. Russia’s Defense Ministry has released footage of the Russian Air Force’s Tu-160 strategic missile carriers flying over the neutral waters of the Barents and Norwegian Seas. According to the ministry, the pilots spent more than 14 hours in the air.

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During the flight, the crews of the long-range aircraft carried out night and day aerial refueling. “Fighter escort was provided by crews of MiG-31 aircraft of the Northern Fleet Air Force and Air Defense Association,” the ministry added. The Tupolev Tu-160, nicknamed the ‘White Swan’, is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing strategic bomber designed and produced by Russia. It is the largest and heaviest combat aircraft in the world and is capable of delivering both conventional and nuclear payloads. The Tu-160 has a maximum speed of Mach 2.05 and can fly up to 12,300km without mid-air refueling. It is equipped with advanced avionics and weapons systems, making it a formidable asset in modern warfare. The Tu-160 has been in service with the Russian Air Force since 1987 and is expected to remain in operation for several more decades.


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