Watch Russian Army’s Skilled Hands Keeping Tanks & Military Vehicles in Tip Top Shape

 / Go to the mediabankBMP-2 / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaEverybody knows it is not enough to just get the best military equipment to the battlefield. Those powerful machines need a lot of care, and even after the hardest battles, they return to fight with the help of soldiers and volunteers who are proficient in repairing them.Russia’s MoD has shared some video footage showing how Russian maintenance and repair units from the Western Military District have been tirelessly laboring away to keep the equipment used during n the ongoing Special Op in Ukraine in tip top shape. These repair works are not limited to just maintenance specialists, as soldiers and volunteers also pitch in to ensure that the necessary fix-ups are made. The video shows the repair efforts conducted on various Russian military vehicles, such as the Akatsiya SPH, T-72B3 main battle tanks, BMPs and many others.

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The round-the-clock repair work being carried out by these units is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Russian military to keep their equipment in top-notch operating condition, even under the most challenging circumstances.


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