Watch Russia’s T-90M Tanks in Combat Action in Donbass

Watch Russia's T-90M Tanks in Combat Action in Donbass

 / Go to the mediabankA T-90 tank shoots during a demo exercise at Alabino base (File)Watch Russia's T-90M Tanks in Combat Action in Donbass / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaThe T-90M tank is equipped with a new combat turret module with a 125-millimeter gun, which ensures the use of new high-performance munitions and guided missiles, enabling the destruction of tanks and other enemy armored vehicles at a range of up to five kilometers.Russia’s Defense Ministry has released footage of a T-90M “Proryv” tank crew of the Western Military District destroying a T-80 tank of the Ukrainian army approaching Russian positions in Donbass from a closed firing position. The reconnaissance officers refined the work with the help of a drone. The T-90M is a heavily upgraded version of the T-90 main battle tank, equipped with a more powerful engine and improved armor protection. It can also launch anti-tank guided missiles and has improved fire-control systems.

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The tank is primarily used by the Russian Ground Forces, but has also been exported to several other countries. It is designed to operate in a variety of environments, including desert, arctic and urban landscapes.


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