West Won’t Compensate Turkiye’s Damage if Ankara Joins Russia Sanctions

West Won't Compensate Turkiye’s Damage if Ankara Joins Russia Sanctions

 / Go to the mediabankTurkish Embassy in MoscowWest Won't Compensate Turkiye’s Damage if Ankara Joins Russia Sanctions / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaANKARA (Sputnik) – The Western nations will not pay compensation to Turkiye if Ankara decides to join its ongoing sanctions campaign against Russia, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday. “Why should I take sides in order to seem good to someone, to please someone? What will be our benefit?” Cavusoglu questioned during an interview with the TV100 broadcaster.

"On the contrary, Turkiye will suffer damage. No one will compensate … damage, especially Western countries. We should be realists."

Turkiye has long opposed the sanctions campaign, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stating in late March that his nation would not be dragged into any hostilities against Russia.West Won't Compensate Turkiye’s Damage if Ankara Joins Russia SanctionsWorldTurkish Opposition May Draw Turkiye Into Ukraine Crisis If It Wins Elections – Top Diplomat19 April, 20:44 GMTIn fact, Cavusoglu earlier vowed during a visit to the Turkish city of Manavgat that Turkiye would be used like a “pawn” by the US and its allies in its games to give Western nations the upper hand in business dealings.With Turkish elections just around the corner, the foreign minister has also warned that should the Turkish opposition take control, it may spell Turkiye’s entry into the Ukraine conflict, of which the current administration has steered clear of.

Distrust of US, France in Fight Against Terrorism

The Turkish foreign minister also took the opportunity on Monday to relay that he cannot trust the United States and France in the fight against terrorism as a result of their double standards.”I say it openly that I cannot trust the US and France in the fight against terrorism. And how can I trust them? Since there is hypocrisy, double standards,” he said.In response to the anchor’s remark that the US and France are Turkiye’s allies, he said that “unfortunately, it is so.”“But look at the EU, which is a political alliance as well. And in that alliance, there are countries that cannot trust each other. This is realpolitik. That’s what diplomacy is for. You will be taking actions considering this factor. Your strategy will base on it,” Cavusoglu said.Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said earlier in April that Turkiye is determined to destroy Kurdish terrorists in northern Iraq and will never tolerate any “playing around” with them.Turkiye has been in conflict with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which it considers terrorist, since 1984, with hostilities resuming in 2015. Relations with the PKK became a stumbling block for Sweden’s accession to NATO, as Ankara refuses to ratify the Nordic country’s bid, demanding Stockholm extradite Kurds to whom it had granted asylum.


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